What is VCDF

Village Care Development Foundation (VCDF) is a community based organization which is fully registered under Community Development Services Department, Kibaale District Local Government Registration Number 613. Its operation is in the District of kibaale, kagadi, Uganda, East Africa and was formed in the year 2011. Its head office is located in Kagadi Sub-county kagadi kibaale District – Uganda.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors and the day-to-day management is headed by the Executive Director. There are key policies and operational procedures in place which guide management and staff in the course of executing their duties.

The organization has been involved in organizing communities in ensuring that they have better life. The communities involved have been vulnerable youth, women, children, and the disabled in kagadi District. More to that, VCDF does not only focus on developmental issues to the community, but also spiritually. Because the Organization also helps and supports the local community to know God through their respective religions as it is known that different people have different beliefs, for this case therefore, VCDF finds people who are specialists in all religions to come and share with the local community.


The main goal of VCDF is to improve house hold income among the rural community of Kibaale District as way of reducing poverty in the community through promoting community initiatives for sustainable development. The developments are community owned and aimed at creating high standards of living with reach. For this case therefore, these initiatives of development will help many communities especially in income generation for sustainable development.

Currently, VCDF has two major projects which needs urgent attention;
1. The first one is support for the youth and women in income generation activities. This is because many of the women and youth are suffering a lot in the villages due to lack of knowledge and what to do and yet most of the families are women headed.
2. The other project is for the orphans and vulnerable children Indeed in the villages many orphans are suffering a lot due to lack of support i.e. in education, basic needs and health wise more especially those ones who have lost both parents as a result of HIV/AIDS epidemic. For this case therefore, more attention is needed so as to save these children.


To facilitate self-generated development in rural communities more especially the youth, women, orphans, widows and vulnerable Children to help them achieve the increased household incomes that would lead to access of social services, so that they may prosper in all things and be in health just as soul prospers as they prepare to do what God called them for.

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